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The students and research scholars of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata as a part of its annual fest organize the Mathematics Talent Reward Programme (MTRP) in January every year, with the vision of increasing the interest and creating awareness about the subject among school students. One of the major aims of this programme is to identify and reward talent at a young age. This programme also offers the students an opportunity to assess themselves respective to their contemporaries throughout the state, and brings an opportunity for them to interact with contemporary mathematicians and scientists.

The Mathematics Talent Reward Programme (MTRP) is the perfect platform for all students who are passionate for Mathematics. The pivotal purpose of this programme is to take mathematics beyond standard textbooks by inspiring innovative and non-routine mathematical thinking among students and improving their conceptual understanding. In the past, MTRP has attracted the best minds from all over West Bengal and beyond, who have faced the best mathematical challenges and emerged with flying colours.


The results of MTRP 2018 Written Exam has been declared.
Class 9

Class 11


The online application form for the year 2018 can be downloaded from here. Interested candidates must submit the application form duly filled up along with Rs.200 (cash) in an envelope into the MTRP dropbox at Security Office, ISI Kolkata.

Program Itinerary

The programme consists of a written examination and a camp that is held in ISI Kolkata. The examination is held in two categories, one for class IX and the other for class XI. Students from each category are selected for the MTRP camp based on their performance in the written test. The camp consists of interactive sessions with mathematicians, ISI faculties and scholars from other universities, along with a few exercises. Based on the performance in the camp, the top few students from each category are rewarded.

Level I

A written examination is held in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, separately for classes IX and XI. The corresponding papers consist of two sections. Section I has multiple choice questions (MCQ) and Section II has subjective problems. The applicants are given two and a half hours to solve the paper. Based on their composite scores in the MCQ and subjective sections, students securing marks above a certain cut-off qualify for the MTRP Camp. The list of candidates selected in the written examination shall be uploaded in this webpage only.

Level II

The selected candidates are required to attend a two day Camp which is held in Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. This camp features lectures from mathematicians, ISI faculties, renowned scholars from other universities, and other experts from various fields of Mathematics and Statistics. These lectures are based on interesting topics related to mathematics, thereby providing enthusiasts with lots of food for thought. Throughout the camp, quizzes are held periodically to judge the skills and problem-solving potential of the students. Based on their performance in the camp, the top three students (three from class IX and three from class XI) are rewarded.

Past Speakers in the camp

MTRP 2018

MTRP Problem Primer

The students appearing in MTRP 2018 will get the unique opportunity to avail a limited edition MTRP Problem Primer published by Integration, Indian Statistical Institute against a fixed donation. The non-routine content of the book will help the talented students in learning mathematics through problem solving.

For any queries about the book, contact:
Mr. Apratim Dey +919007745017
Mr. Soumava Pal +919432299713
Mr. Arghya Chakraborty +918250845520

Disclaimer: Indian Statistical Institute does not have any role in organizing the examination. This is entirely organized by the students of the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata as a major part of their annual fest, Integration.

MTRP 2018 Syllabus

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Mr. Apratim Dey +919007745017
Mr. Soumava Pal +919432299713
Mr. Arghya Chakraborty +918250845520

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